Pressley’s at the Marina, a gem established in 2013 on Edisto Island, South Carolina, is the collective vision of Brad and Maria Pressley along with Joey and Sharon Bagwell. It stands as an embodiment of the Lowcountry’s rich culinary tradition and its tranquil coastal lifestyle. This waterfront restaurant, with its sprawling views of Big Bay Creek, has quickly become an iconic destination for locals and visitors seeking the quintessential Southern dining experience.

The allure of Pressley’s lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the indoors with the breathtaking views outside. Large windows frame the scenic vistas, allowing diners to gaze upon the tranquil waters and the vibrant skies as they enjoy their meals. The ambiance inside is one of understated elegance, with decor that speaks to the maritime heritage and the natural surroundings of Edisto Island.

Culinary standouts like the Lemon Parmesan Grouper showcase the kitchen’s prowess, with fresh local ingredients transformed into memorable dishes that highlight the area’s flavors. The Big Bay Boil is a convivial nod to the classic Lowcountry boil, uniting seafood lovers over pots brimming with seasoned delights.

During the summer, the energy of Pressley’s is palpable as live music fills the restaurant, inviting guests to unwind to the sounds of local and visiting artists. While the main dining area offers a refined comfort, the Thirsty Fish Tiki Bar downstairs promises a more casual atmosphere, perfect for sipping on chilled beverages in the shade and enjoying the laid-back island rhythm.

Pressley’s is more than just a place to eat; it’s a sanctuary where every element is infused with intention—from the artful plating of dishes to the harmonious interplay of interior design and natural beauty. The commitment to exceptional service is evident, creating an environment where guests can relax and be assured of a dining experience that encapsulates the warmth and charm of Edisto Island.

With doors open from Thursday to Monday starting at 4 PM, Pressley’s at the Marina invites all who cross its threshold to partake in a dining affair where every sense is indulged, and every visit feels like a celebration of the coastal way of life.

Thursday – Monday

Bar Service  begins at 4PM. Dining Room Service begins at 4:30PM


****We do not accept reservations, or call ahead seating everything is first come first serve. Waitlist for dining room service begins at 4PM.****



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